How does it work?

We see business as data and processes which transforms into two simple tools that cover the whole business. Blondie Platform helps you merge all you business data in one place while Blondie Flow covers all processes you have with intuitive step-by-step business description interface.

Blondie Platform is all about Data. This is an ultimate place store and collect any data you have. Should it be your customers, warehouse, marketing data – Platform get’s you covered with ultimate Entity and Field builder.

Blondie Flow is all about Process. This is a place where to describe how you do things. Role, Action and Object covers the whole end-to-end path of your business process and automates a process on every step. 

Tailor system to Your Business, not Otherwise.

Blondie Platform is designed to create highly customisable CRM, ERP, E-commerce and other system with ZERO coding.

Zero Coding

Customize entire system with zero coding and excel-like formulam with Blondie Platform System Builder.

Get Professional Support

Talk to industry professionals and get expert advice on your business process with our Consultancy Service Plan.

Describe the process like if you would be telling it to someone.

Blondie Flow is human-friendly interface to describe and automate business process. It consists of Role, Action and Object description which makes it intuitive and transparent to manage. 


Build Step-by-Step process which makes it easy to read, understand and … automate!

Talk to industry leading experts

We help our customers to understand their business with professional advice with our Consultancy Service Plans. 

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