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No coding. No limits. Pay as you go.

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<span> Build Business apps </span> Using Blondie Platform No coding. No limits. Pay as you go.

Blondie Platform is a place where to build business web applications

Imagine conventional CRM or ERP system. It has modules (we call em’ Entities), fields, buttons and some kind business logics under the hood. This is exactly what Blondie Platform does. Blondie Platform is comprehensive Form and Entity builder where you collect, store and process business data.


  • Module & Field designer
  • Filters
  • Relations between modules
  • Automations

Blondie Platform is built for Business by Business experts.
Discover how Blondie Platform can help your company scale.

Entities & Fields

Create as much entities as fields as needed. No limits. Auto-calculated, generated, validated, dropdown fields and more.


Types define what kind of info is stored in the field. Create your custom types and reuse them everywhere.


Need to validate VAT? No problem! What to check phone number? Easy peasy!


One-to-one, One-to-many, and Many-to-Many. All out of the box without ugly workarounds.

Quick Actions

Add any quick action to next to your field. Should it be link, trigger, click-to-call or anything you could image, go ahead and add it to your Platform.


Embed our widget to your Platform or build your own. We got you covered when it comes to radical customisation.

Even Google partners with our partners when it comes to search...

Search for any record within Blondie Platform and find them in fraction of seconds. We accept no compromise when it comes to accessing business data. Platforms' search is powered by industry leading experts in search.

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